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Mrs. Michelle Engebretson, Principal

 210 Gentry Way, Reno, Nevada 89502


 (775) 323-6767


 Mission Statement  

We are committed to providing a supportive environment, which encourages students to connect their knowledge to the real world through inquiry-based learning and differentiated instruction.






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Exciting news! Bailey Charter Elementary School has become an Idle Free School. This means that we are asking all parents and school visitors to NOT idle their vehicle when on or nearby our school campus.  Being Idle Free is important to you and most importantly, your children.


Engine idling creates air pollution which is especially bad for children because their lungs are still developing and they breathe faster than adults.  Breathing air pollution can aggravate asthma and even cause cancer.  Additionally, idling your engine increases car maintenance and wastes gas.  Idling your car for longer than 10 seconds costs more money than restarting your engine.


And lastly, idling your engine emits CO2 the greenhouse gas responsible for climate change.  Climate change means more heat waves, droughts, wildfires and smaller snowpack for all Nevadans. 


So, to do your part to help Bailey Charter Elementary School be an idle free campus, please turn off your engine whenever you’re on or nearby our school campus.


Turn your key and be idle free!


Idle Free Schools is collaboration between the Washoe County Health District Air Quality Management Division, Alliance for Climate Education, GREENevada and the Washoe County School District and our goal is to reduce idling at Washoe County Schools.


Air Quality Management Division

Washoe County Health District






Ms. Anna Gardikiotis &

Mrs. Carissa Piedra   

1st Grade

Mrs. Brooke Saffle &

Mrs. Allison Willaman

2nd Grade    

Ms. Teisha Bronner &

Mrs. Sherry Coops

3rd Grade

Ms. Lindsey Angus &

Miss Caille Nehrkorn

4th Grade

Mrs. Jenny Gant &

Mrs. Gina Wartgow

5th Grade

Mrs. Jenny Abbott &

Ms. Bernadette Leonis

6th Grade    

Mr. Charlie Petrik

ELL Coordinator

Mrs. Aide Coffey

ELL Teacher

Mrs. Rosa Whitener

Special Education

Mrs. Libby Hoops


Mr. Andy Lenon


Mr. Doug Whitener

Speech & Language

Mrs. June Rosta



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